The Eyes of Hyrule is an unofficial fanzine dedicated to the appearances and relics of the Sheikah Tribe and its splinter groups throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise. This is inclusive of the Yiga clan and plausible lore extrapolations (Twili were Sheikah theory, Mrs. Marie in WW, etc), and OCs.

Where is this zine shipping from?
This zine will be shipping from California, United States.

Is international shipping available?
We will be offering international shipping including to the UK and Germany. However, at this time, we can not ship to Ukraine or Russia.

When will the zine ship?
We are aiming to begin shipping Summer 2023. We will update customers on the shipping process through email and our socials. All physical orders will include tracking.

Can I get a refund?
You must request your refund or update your purchase before pre-orders end on March 4th. Once our store closes, all purchases are final.

What if I need to change my address?
If you need to change your address before packages get shipped, please email us at [email protected] with your full name and order number. We will also announce a last call for address changes through email and on our socials.

Where can I find production updates?
We'll email production updates to buyers as well as update the general public on our socials!